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Digital / CAD Printing. Rapid Blueprint is committed to quality and speed. We can Print your CAD drawings, up to 36inches wide. We accept virtually any file format (including newest DWF files) which you can send to us on CD or using one of our many high speed file transfer methods. We're also able to copy your originals as well as scan them to file and store in our extensive database for further use.

Spec Books. Here at Rapid to save your valuable time we're able to print your job on multiples of machines at the same time. We also do our own binding as well as we're able to insert color pages into your book. To make the process easier and faster for future printing we can keep your job on file and re-print it immediately at your request.

Speciality Printing

Document Archiving. Have old originals that do nothing but take-up ever valuable space in your building? Now, you're able to bring those to us. We will scan them and deliver it back to you on a CD or Transfer it right into your server. Can't bring them to us? that's ok, we can pick them up from you or provide you with scanning equipment to do it yourself. (please click on ONSITE at the top for details)

Document Management. Job finished? project built? where do you store your drawings? With today's new technology, Rapid can take your hard copy drawings, scan them in to file (tiff, pdf), rename them, index it all in correct order and put it on a CD. This way large storage areas are no longer necessary, and you can have it all on 1 small disk.

Raster-To-Vector Conversions. Have a Scanned image or Hard Copy Original which you'd like to modify in AutoCAD? We're able to take that Image and convert it to DWG File. This way you don't have to take time to re-draw the entire drawing by hand.

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